National Privacy Alliance

In an effort to address the rampant problem of sensitive information being transmitted insecurely over e-mail, NPA has created a way to safely communicate.

Rather than sending standard e-mail from point A to point B, a user creates a message using NPA's simple interface.  Just like standard e-mail programs, NPA provides a space for Subject, Recipients (To:, CC: and BCC), Message Body and even Attachments.   When users are are done creating a message, they click Send and NPA's  neutri.PHI process begins.

Using the latest Blowfish algorithm and keys from the sender and the recipient(s), the message is encrypted and stored in the user's online archive.  Next, a notice is sent to recipients telling them that the user has sent them a secure message and providing a link to retrieve it.  Since this is only a notification, there is no sensitive risk information within the e-mail being exposed.  

The special link will take the recipient to a simple username/password authentication process on NPA's secure web portal. As long as a user stays logged in from a particular computer, their authentication remains valid and they may quickly read, reply, reply-all, forward and compose secure messages.

NPA makes it easy to be compliant with HIPAA guidelines!
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